CarenArriving in Australia from Africa in 2005, leaving behind loved ones both two and four legged was quite a jolt in my journey through life. Starting all over again I felt I had to re-invent myself and with that in mind I knew I needed to be true to myself and find a way to train my horses that I believed in strongly. I was committed to finding a method that resulted in lightness, suppleness and relaxation and yet achieved the brilliance and work of the higher levels.

I had always been eager to meet and be taught by someone with thorough knowledge and understanding of the true classical school and my dreams came true when the astonishing opportunity came up to train with Philippe Karl, a living master of the French Classical school of Légèreté (lightness). It was made possible for me not only to watch this idol in the flesh, but to ride in a clinic and I was then offered a rare place on his first teachers course in Australia, a course which he had not offered to many places in the world at the time.

Philippe Karl started the 3 year teachers’ course in 2011 but sadly due to distance, time and health, handed the reins of the Australian leg over to his highest qualified Level 4 instructor, Sylvia Stössel. Philippe watched every clinic on recordings which were sent to him. He also had constant feedback from Sylvia and she has been advised by him throughout this coaching process.

This procedure has ensured that riders have been kept true to the correct training methods and is now providing Australian riders with the opportunity to have trained classical teachers qualified under the watchful eyes of a true classical master with an accreditation process at the highest level. Regular ongoing updates will ensure those teachers always remain of the highest level. I have now completed well over 7 years of work and received Foundation level instructor, finishing Level One at the end of 2018.

Australian riders now have trainers available who can help them achieve the brilliance of the higher levels of training with a willing, relaxed and supple partner. It is not difficult to make a choice to follow this path!

I have a passion to pass on the experience of training a horse in a culture of learning and with an appreciation and knowledge of the true art dating back many centuries. It is not necessary to use new gadgets or harsh training methods. It is not necessary to have an out of reach high price tag horse with massive paces and breeding to win the judges’ favour before they have seen you.

It is possible to have a happy relaxed horse and an enthusiastic rider who is moving steadily towards their goals instead of being lost in a haze of unobtainable levels.

Let me show you how.