Capel Adult Riding Expo

I took Dressage Art to Capel Expo with a presentation on Saturday 15 February, delighted to know that there were like minded riders who have shown so much interest in the Art of Classical riding.

I was fortunate to be able to explain my own life journey trying to find the Dressage Equivalent of the Holy Grail, a training system that is clear, concise and would stand every horse, a one system, one training scale that every trainer followed. One that was not complicated with twists and turns or being confusing and contradictory.

I have in the past found very few modern trainers teaching a very old and perfectly correct way.

To be trained by a living Legend is everyone’s dream. One that very few are able to have. We have the opportunity to read, and watch and have teachers trained in this method to have ongoing training along the way.

I hope that I have offered those who remained in the heat of the day a little insight to what is available to help you and your horse understand each other, for a perfect partnership.

Thank you to organisers for the opportunity to speak to your lovely Club.