Here is a selection of photo galleries from workshops and lessons that have taken place.  Please scroll down to see more.

Magie the Shetland
Lisa and Magie a Shetland who has been very clever and discovered that she can open her mouth, lift her head high and run very fast away. Lisa my student, helped to show her that we are also clever at the end Lisa gave her a scratch on her neck to praise her.  The pictures are priceless. She smiles

Lessons With Caren Robinson
Other riders achieving a more approachable understanding of working with your horse.

Capel – May 2014

Ferguson Valley – May 2014

Ecole de Légèreté – APPEL – HansePferd Fair 2014

Marg and Daisy – February 2014

Capel Adult Riding Expo – February 2014

Lisa and Jamie – January 2014

Dressage Art, Capel – December 2013

Sylvia Stossel Clinic – November 2013