The Art of Classical Dressage

I have become very passionate to teach riders how to see, feel and understand the horse they own, ride and love.

This is a partnership between best of friends, and not to do ‘stupid things’, there are a lot of fancy gadgets, quick fixes and cruel training methods. Breaking down many horses mentally and physically, or being told to sell and buy another horse. This is possible for a very high price, today you can buy movement.

You only have to go and watch horse breakers clinics to find they are fully booked out with broken horses needing retraining. You will also find massage, chiropractors and wonderful people who try to help horses maintain this vigorous vicious circle.

There is hope and help for anyone wishing to improve their horses balance, obedience and gymnastic abilities. I can offer you the keys to success.

Caren Robinson
0424 351 202